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Tales of autumn

Photo tour, Photo Workshop

Region: Republic of Crimea
Dates: October 10 – October 16, 2019.

Only 3 places left!

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Autumn is one of the magnificent moments of nature, which all photographers of Crimea and not only are waiting for. This event gathers all lovers of beautiful landscapes in the Crimea. Autumn finally comes into its own in mid-October, dressing in gold the crowns of old beeches. The sea is still warm and sends fogs to the foot of the mountains, turning tree giants into fairy-tale heroes. It is the best time for shooting the most beautiful landscapes, not only at dawn-sunset, but also at night, when the Milky Way is visible.
We are waiting for unforgettable moments in the golden forest among the huge and old beech of bizarre forms, the sunset on the famous Sunny glade of Mount Demerdzhi, shooting the famous lighthouse in the sunset rays of the sun on Cape Chersonese, shooting the dawn on the top of Mount Ai-Petri and on Mount Ilyas-Kaya with a magnificent view of the mystical Sun Temple, night shooting at the Peak Cosmos and Mount Demerdzhi and many other amazing places. A very rich program in the most beautiful places of the autumn Crimea.
Interesting? So come with us!




Photo Tour Location: Republic of Crimea
Participation fee: 37 400 rubles (Till 1 March discount 20% (29 920 rubles)), you can order a personal photo tour.

Prepayment: 5000 rubles on the VISA card. The place is reserved if you have received confirmation of availability and paid the deposit. If travel is canceled by you 15 days before it starts 100% deposit is held. If the tour is canceled by me due to extreme force majeure circumstances, then the money will be returned in full.
Number of days: 6 days / 5 nights
Number of participants: 10 people
Type of photography: landscape, macro and night photography
Type of tour: photo tour, car travel
Difficulty level: very easy
The professional level of the photographer: basic, knowledge of your camera, possession of manual camera settings
Training: Master Class (Photo workshop) in landscape, panoramic, night (also night panoramas) and macro photography.
Photoguide: Elena Pakhalyuk
Movement: car / minibus/ jeep
Accommodation: tents and guest houses
Meals: Hiking / Cafe
Places: Demerdzhi mountain, Demerdzhi mountain beech forest, Ai-Petri mountain, Kapchik cape, Cosmos peak, lake at the foot of the ancient settlement of Biyuk-Isar, the Temple of the Sun, Ilyas-Kaya mountain, Jasper Beach, Chersonese cape and lighthouse, old Yalta road.





1 day. Meeting at the airport of Simferopol at 10.00-11.00. Lunch in a café, moving to the mountain Demerdzhi. Very easy trekking to Demerdzhi mountain to the Sunny Glade with backpacks and meeting the sunset on the Sunny Glade. Overnight in tents and night shooting in the same place.
2 day. Wake up very early. Dawn shooting on the top of Demerdzhi. Moving to Cape Kapchik to shoot the sunset. On the way we have lunch in a cafe. After sunset we go to the overnight stay and night shooting at the Peak Cosmos.
3 day. Wake up very early. Dawn shooting at the Peak Cosmos. Moving to Demerdzhi. Look at the presence of fog. If there is – we stay, if not we are going to meet the sunset on Jasper Beach. We have dinner on the way in the cafe. Then light trekking of the Temple of the Sun for night shooting. Overnight there.
4 day. Wake up very early. Dawn shooting at Ilyas-Kaya mountain. Transfer to Cape Chersonese for evening shooting. Lunch on the way to the cafe. After shooting, transfer to Sokolinoye village for the night camping.
5 day. Wake up very early. Dawn shooting on the top of Ai-Petri. Transfer to the lake Biyuk-Isar for the evening shooting. On the way we have lunch in a cafe.
Transfer to Demerdzhi to guest house for the night.
6 day. Wake up very early to catch the fog. Shooting in a beech forest all day. We can go to Sunny Meadow or to the top of Demerdzhi for night shooting if we want. Overnight in a guest house.
7 day. Unhurried wake up. Buying souvenirs and transfer to Simferopol aeroport (we will be there around 16.00).






In October the weather is changeable, during the day it can be + 22 ° C, at night – around 0 ° C, in the mountains sometimes it can be freezing and snow falls (rarely, but such a miracle sometimes happens). At this time of the year, strong winds in the mountains are very frequent, especially at night, it can be rainy and foggy (what we need!). So it is MANDATORY! to have the necessary supply of warm, wind and waterproof clothing, a raincoat and also not to forget about beach accessories (in case of a good warm weather). Sleeping bag should be at a temperature of COMFORT (NOT extreme) -5 – + 5C, so that you do not freeze.

IMPORTANT! Since we will have radial trekkings with overnight stays on the top of the mountain, you will need a backpack (40-50l), where you put a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, warm clothes and photo equipment. Also tents, gas and food for these overnights will be distributed among all participants.
We will cook on gas.
By prior arrangement with the guide the following camping equipment can be rented: sleeping mats and dishes for meals.
The main thing – be morally prepared for bad weather conditions. But be sure that the worse weather we have – the more unique and interesting pictures we will get!



It is advisable to have with you:

Personal first aid kit (personal medication)


Be sure to have with you:

• Mug, spoon, bowl, knife
• A small backpack (40l) for photographic equipment, warm clothes, for snacks and a thermos.
• Lightweight fleece gloves
• Storm / membrane jacket in case of strong wind
• Membrane pants
• Tourist travel pants
• Warm sweater or fleece
• Spare pair of warm socks
• Comfortable running shoes
• Flip flops (for resting feet in the camp and for the beach)
• Hygiene products, hygienic lipstick, plaster
• Sleeping bag
• Thermal underwear
• Karemat
• Rubber Seat Pad
• Bathing accessories for the beach
• Towel
• Trekking poles



What photo equipment is desirable to bring with you:

Wide and telezum lenses
Macro lens
Trigger cable
Polarizing filter
Gradient filter
ND filters
Be sure to protect the camera from moisture (fog, rain, waves at sea), if it requires it!
3-4 batteries
2-3 flash cards with a total capacity of at least 64 GB
Optical cleaners
Photo backpack
Please do not take laptop with you



What is included in the price:

Electric generator for charging equipment
Fire equipment and gas
First aid kit
Transfer on the whole route
Accommodation in guest houses and tents
Meals on the route (not including meals in the cafe)
Master class (Photo Workshop) on landscape, night, panoramic and macro shooting
Photo processing lectures
Photo guide services
Driver services


What is not included in the price:

Tickets from your city to Simferopol and back
Meals at the cafe on the route
Alcohol, souvenirs and other personal expenses.


Only 3 places left!


For any questions please contact:

Elena Pakhalyuk
Ambassador Olympus
Member of Union of Wildlife Photographers of  Russia

 ATTENTION! Depending on the unpredictable weather conditions, as well as the general decision of the group, the program of the photo tour can be changed! 


Join now! It will be very interesting!