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Crystal Baikal

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Region: Baikal, Irkutsk Region
Dates: January 24 – February 2, 2020

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We will go on a journey before everyone else – at the end of January, when the ice is already strong enough to move along it. we will see those places that few people photographed on Lake Baikal. Unique pictures are waiting for you!
Why is it worth getting to Baikal at this time? The most surprising phenomenon is the unique transparency of ice. Untouched by tourists and photographers, the ice and huge icicles in the grottoes still retain their virgin purity. The main goal of our journey is to capture all this beauty on a camera. And to feel under your feet one and a half thousand meters of water mass – it is a real attraction! A half-meter thick layer of clear dark ice, turquoise hummocks, ice grottoes with huge icicles hanging in, frozen bubbles – all this awaits us on this journey.




Photo Tour Location: Baikal, Irkutsk Region
Dates of the photo tour: January 24 – February 2, 2020
Participation fee: 95 000 rubles. If the group will be less, the cost will be different. Individual tour is also available.
Prepayment: 30 000 rubles deposit to the card VISA. The place is reserved if you get the confirmation of availability and paid the deposit. In case of cancellation of travel, 100% deposit is held for 15 days before it starts. If the tour is canceled by me due to extreme force majeure circumstances, then the money will be returned in full.
Number of days: 10 days / 9 nights
Number of participants: 10 people
Type of photography: landscape and night photography
Type of tour: photo tour, photo workshop
Difficulty level: very easy
The professional level of the photographer: non professional, knowledge of his camera, possession of manual camera settings
Photoguide: Elena Pakhalyuk and Kostyukovskaya Asya
Movement: minibus / hivus / jeep
Accommodation: Guesthouse, 2-bed room, shower and toilet in the room (on Small Sea place). Double occupancy, toilet and shower on the floor (in Khuzhir village)
Meals: 3-time hotel
Places to visit: Small Sea, cape Uyuga, Sharga-Dogan, Oltrek, cape Tsagan-Khushun, Borga Dogan, Khuzhir, Kharantsy, cape Sagan-Khushun, grottoes near cape Ogoy, Sarai beach, rock Shamanka.



1 day.
Meeting the group at the airport of Irkutsk. Transfer by minibus to the Small Sea. On the way lunch at the cafe.
In the evening shooting on cape Uyuga. Night shooting
2 day.
Wake up very early, dawn shooting near Sharga Dogan, breakfast. Happy rest and a lecture of night photography. Sunset shooting and ice splashes at Hadart. Dinner. Night shooting.
3 day.
Wake up very early, dawn shooting bubbles frozen in ice and hummocks. Breakfast. Happy rest and lecture on the processing of landscape photographs in Lightroom. Sunset shooting. Dinner. Night shooting.
4 day.
Wake up very early, dawn shooting splashes at Oltrek, breakfast. Happy rest. In the evening – shooting sunset and ice splashes at Oltrek. Dinner. Night shooting.
5 day.
Wake up very early, sunrise shooting at Borga Dogan, breakfast. Happy rest. In the evening- shooting a sunset at Tsagan-Khushun. Dinner. Night shooting.
6 day.
Wake up very early, sunrise shooting at Uyuga, breakfast. In the afternoon the transfer to the Small Sea – Khuzhir. Sunset shooting at Harantzi. Dinner. Night shooting.
7 day.
Wake up very early, sunrise shooting at Ogoy, breakfast. Happy rest. Sunset shooting at Sagan-Khushun. Dinner. Night shooting.
8 day.
Wake up very early, sunrise shooting at Sarai beach, breakfast. Happy rest and buying souvenirs. Sunset shooting at Ogoy. Dinner. Night shooting.
9 day.
Wake up very early, dawn shooting and bubbles frozen in the ice. Breakfast. Happy rest and analysis of the photos. Sunset shooting at the ice grottoes. Dinner. Night shooting.
10 day.
Wake up very early, sunrise shooting on the Shamanka. Breakfast. Transfer to Irkutsk. We will be around at 15.00 at the airport of Irkutsk.



List of items and equipment

IMPORTANT! The reference temperature is -18 ° C in the daytime and -23 ° C at night and long hours of shooting (for those who will shoot at night), since even a light minus in conditions of high humidity is felt as a very strong frost + constant icy wind:

– boots or boots in very good frost
– lightweight cats – ice spikes (
– warm cap with the ability to cover the ears
– warm windproof gloves
– warm down jacket
– chemical hot things for legs and hands (you can buy in the shop “Sportmaster” in Russia) because to stand up all night without movement is very cold for your feet
– warm sweater or fleece
– pants (you can use ski pants)
– socks (thermal socks + wool + replaceable)
– thermal underwear
– Sunglasses
– ski mask (necessary for snowstorms)
– Balaclava for face protection or warm buff
– headlamp (and you can add this Light to illuminate the landscape)
– hygienic lipstick
– flashlights (gait)
– personal hygiene items
– thermos
– skates (you will have the opportunity to ride on the biggest rink of the world!)


What Phototechnique is desirable to have with you

Wide and telezum lenses
Macro lens
Trigger cable
Polarizing filter
Gradient filter (very desirable) 6-9 stops
ND filters 3-9 stops
2-3 batteries
2-3 flash cards 64 GB each
Optical cleaners
Photo backpack
You can take a laptop.


Included in cost

Transfer Airport-Baikal-Airport
Accommodation at the tourist base (2-bed rooms)
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Excursions according to the program
2 photo guides services
Workshops (Photo Workshops) of landscape photography
Photo processing lectures
Driver services


Extra charge

Flight to Irkutsk and back
Lunch at the cafe
Alcoholic drinks
Any other expenses not included in the price.


7 places left!


For any questions please contact:

Elena Pakhalyuk
Ambassador Olympus
Member of Union of Wildlife Photographers  of  Russia

ATTENTION! Depending on the unpredictable weather conditions, as well as the general decision of the group, the program of the photo tour can be changed! 


Join now! It will be very interesting!