Etceterra Photo tours

What is a photo tour?

A photo tour is not just a trip with a camera, as many may think. It is a real journey with experienced photographer who will not only take you to a beautiful place, but also show points and angles, which are the most favourable for the creation of a photographic masterpiece. Professional photographer will always be at hand, help with camera settings, tell about the most suitable shooting technique, and share the secrets of taking beautiful pictures. Beautiful photos require correct approach to the choice of place and time of shooting. Photo tour is for those who want to bring not only beautiful but also professional photos from their trips. How to do it? I will show and teach you.

Photographers always know where and when to shoot a beautiful sunset or dawn, when the nature is in its most beautiful state. They always pop up in the right place at the right time and see the beauty of nature even in its smallest manifestation. I will teach you to notice, feel and reflect it in your photos.


Real adventures wait for us in each our journey!

Make new friends, relax and fill in with impressions — a photo tour gives you all these possibilities. A fascinating journey in the company of like-minded people will help you not only acquire new knowledge and broaden horizons, but also share your ideas and experience with colleagues. Combine the useful with the pleasing!
In most cases, photo tours are organised for groups of 7-10 people and made thematic (for example, focused on shooting only sightseeing attractions, animals, people, landscapes, etc.). Such tour is ideal for both beginner photographers and seasoned pros, in other words for all those who love outdoor activities.



Why is it better to travel with professional photographers?

They always quickly have a sense of direction, find favourable places, and know where there will be a beautiful foreground, where it is better to shoot the panorama or catch the representative of the animal world in the lens, where there will be the desired light, beautiful sunrise or sunset. This is the main component of any successful picture, for the weather is always unpredictable. A photo guide knows all these aspects. No ordinary guide can tell you this. Each route is uniquely developed and designed based on all the above conditions.

During our photo-tours, we often have to spend the night outside hotels, far from civilization, in tents. For the sake of beautiful and unique pictures, we are ready to get even in hard-to-reach places. You know, it is far from civilization where there are no lights, which spoil the beautiful night sky, no buildings, which one has to cut using Photoshop later in order they do not mar up the beauty and harmony of nature. Besides, we can always catch the changing moods of the weather, which is often a ticket to a successful and unique picture!

As a rule in photo tours the rise takes place a few hours before dawn. The shooting points are selected in advance, before the performance light is in. Therefore, upon arrival to the place, you and your photo-guide will choose the most convenient place, knowing where the sun will rise. After shooting the dawn, the group returns to the camp for breakfast. The same is true for shooting the sunset, after which the group returns to the camp at dusk or in the dark. Then, the group has lunch and goes to night shooting, if the weather permits. After all, for a photographer, the performance time is the most important thing.

Photo tours are open-air photography workshops, theory combined with practice at the same time. The photo guide will always take the time for each participant individually.

In addition, a photo tour is your chance to stay in the company of like-minded people and discuss your ideas. It is not only exciting, but useful as well. A photo tour can give you new acquaintances, joint projects, amazing ideas and the waves of impressions!