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Crimean provence, mountains and sea

Region: Republic of Crimea
Dates: June 16 -22, 2020

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Every year in June in the Crimea you can see the flowering of lavender – one of the great moments Nature. This event gathers all lovers of beautiful landscapes in the Crimea. Here we will shoot the most beautiful landscapes of the Crimean Provence, not only at dawn-sunset, but at night, when the Milky Way is visible.




Photo Tour Location: Crimea
Dates of the photo tour: 16-22.06.2020
Participation fee:

4 people 45 600 rubles (Till 1 March discount 10% (41 040 rubles)),
3 people 56 200 rubles (Till 1 March discount 10% (50 580 rubles)),
you can order a personal photo tour.

Prepayment: 7000 rubles to VISA card until June 1, 2020. The place is reserved if you have received confirmation of availability and paid the deposit. If travel is canceled by you 15 days before it starts 100% deposit is held. If the tour is canceled by me due to extreme force majeure circumstances, then the money will be returned in full.
Number of days: 7 days / 6 nights
Number of participants: 4 people
Type of photography: landscape, macro and night photography
Type of tour: photo tour, car travel
Difficulty level: very easy
The professional level of the photographer: basic, knowledge of your camera, possession of manual camera settings
Photoguide: Elena Pakhalyuk
Movement: car
Accommodation: tents, guest houses
Meals: Camping, Cafe
Places in the photo tour: Crimean Provence (lavender fields), Assumption cave monastery, cave city Mangup-Kale, cave city Bakla, Blue Lake, White Rock (Ak-Kaya), Cape Meganom, ancient volcano Kara-Dag, Golden Gate, Sudak Fortress, Golitsyn Trail, Chaliapin Grotto, Chameleon Cape, Kapchik Cape, Silent Bay, Tavra Staircase, Hell Labyrinth, Adam’s Bed, Kararul-Oba, Juniper Path, Royal Beach, Klementieva Mountain.


Detailed description of the photo tour

At the beginning of our photo tour we will visit the Holy Assumption Cave Monastery of the 8th-9th century, which is located near Bakhchisarai. The Assumption Church is unique, and was carved right into the rock, at the edge of a sheer cliff. There is also a healing source. There is the miraculous icon inside of Monastery.

In our trip we are planning to visit one of the extinct volcanoes of the Crimea – Karadagh. Title “Karadag” means “Black Mountain” according to one of the versions. The last volcanic eruption was 160 million years ago, about 130 million years ago there was a tectonic shift of the volcano, which split it into two parts, one side on the shore (the present Karadag), the second part went under water. One of notable bays is located under the rock “Ivan the Robber”. In the water part of Karadag there is also one of the landmarks of the Crimea – the Basalt arch – the Golden Gate rock. The gates are called Golden, because on the day of summer solstice the rays of the sun fall at such an angle on the rock that they become golden.

Another unique place in Crimea, which we will visit, is the ancient cave city of Mangup-Kale. It is one of several cave cities that were built under Byzantium to protect the Northern borders of the territory of the Crimean peninsula. We will visit the remains of the fortress, the main gate of the city and its many beautiful caves in which lived valiant warriors.

After Mangup-Kale, another ancient city awaits us – Bakla. We will see a magnificent view of one of the most beautiful peaks of the Crimea – the Eclyzi-Byryn of the Chatyrdag mountain. Here we can meet the first the rays of the dawn sun illuminating the whole valley. On the western outskirts of Bakla on a hill we will visit a large cave church and crypts, carved into the rock. Thanks to soft limestone rocks, rains and winds, the cliffs of the settlement have a bizarre shape similar to the honeycomb which gives excellent food for the photographer for creating unusual space photos.

One of the most remarkable and memorable rocks is called Ak-Kaya. Ak-Kaya is located not far from the village of Belaya Skala in the Belogorsk region. Ancient knives and tools were found on the rock. The settlements of Sarmatians and Scythians were located here. In the middle of the walls of the White Rock is inaccessible. In the middle of the walls of the White Rock is inaccessible. Cave called Altyn Teshik (“Golden Hole”). There are several legends about her, one of which says that the treasures of the robbers were hidden there. The rock was also a place of execution, a solemn oath, housing and even the military headquarters. Many films were shot here: “Headless Horseman”, “Code Apocalypse “,” Leader of the Redskins “,” Escape to the ends of the earth “and some others.

The next day dawn awaits us on one of the most unique mountains of the planet – Mount Klementieva.
Due to the northerly winds you can fly on a more gentle northern slope. On the whole planet there are only 2 mountains with such powerful ascending flows: Harris Hill in the United States and Mount Klementieva in the Crimea.

Another strikingly beautiful place of our journey will be Cape Meganome. It has different unusual energy, and there are strange cases and anomalies very often. The ancient Greeks believed that in the Meganom area flows the river Styx leading to the realm of the dead. Odysseus defeated the Cyclops Polyphemus here, according to another version.

To visit the Crimea in the summer and not to plunge into the Black Sea? There is a Quiet Bay between the villages of Koktebel and Ordzhonikidze, which is a natural monument of the Eastern Crimea – a long and wide sandy strip. There is a very beautiful Cape Chameleon on the western border of a Quiet Bay.

Golitsyn trail. Perhaps this is one of the most specific paths of the coastal Crimea. In 1912, the great Russian emperor Nicholas II and his family planned to visit the Crimean village of Novy Svet on the yacht Shtandart for a tour to see the local beauty and relaxing on the beach of the Black Sea. The famous prince Golitsyn ordered to cut a large path in the rock to walk along to see the magnificent landscapes of the Crimean nature. The trail starts at the foot of Mount Falcon. The trail leads directly to the natural giant grotto of Golitsyn (another name is Grotto of Chaliapin). In some places the height of this Grotto can reach thirty meters.

After the Golitsyn Trail wee will go to a small passage along the shady Juniper Path to one of the pearls of the Crimea — Karaul-Oba It is an ancient coral reef. Landscape photographers love this place because on one of its peaks ( the peak Cosmos ) you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrises on the coast of Crimea. We will climb up to the peak along the Tavra Staircase cut in the rock, pass through the cool crevice of Adam’s Lodge – first and through Hell Labyrinth – second , we will pass through the Gates of Paradise straight to the “Chair” of Golitsyn, where you will see the magnificent view of a famous Cape Kapchik and its bay.

We will continue the journey by a rest on Royal Beach. This beach is located on the shores of Blue Bay. Why Royal? There is a legend that Tsar Nicholas II bathed on this beach during his visit to the Novy Svet in 1912. What we will see interesting in the city of Sudak? The majestic Genoese fortress. The fortress built by the Genoese in the period from 1371 to 1469 years. It is located on an ancient coral reef (Kyz-Kulle-Burunili Mountain Fortress), near Sudak Bay of the Black Sea with a fantastic landscape.


Photo tour program

1 Day (in detail)

Meeting at the airport of Simferopol at 10.00-11.00.
Moving to Bakhchisarai.
Visit the Assumption Monastery in the rock.
Lunch at the cafe.
Moving to village Turgenevka. Shooting the famous lavender field at sunset under the sounds of crickets and hard-working bees.
Transfer to the village of Khoja-Sala to the lake of the ancient city of Mangup Kale. Accommodation in the guest house.
Dinner at the guest house.
Fans of night swimming will be able to swim into the warm waters of the lake.
Moving to Turgenevka for night shooting in a lavender field ( if the sky is clear).
Return to the guest house.

2 Day (in detail)
Wake up very early. Transfer to Turgenevka village to shoot the dawn.
Return to the guest house to Khoja-Sala.
Departure by jeep to the plateau of the ancient city of Mangup Kale. Shooting an ancient city.
Moving to village Zheleznodnoe on the field of wheat and poppies (if they still will bloom).
Moving to village Skalistoye to a beautiful lake.
Dinner in a cafe.
Transfer to the ancient city of Backla. Sunset and night shooting.

3Day (in detail)

Wake up very early. Dawn shooting on the top of the Bakla with a fantastic view of the magnificent summit of Chatyrdag Mnt.
Return to the camp for breakfast.
Moving to the White Rock “Ak-Kaya”.
Visit the cool grotto with a spring and the top of the White Rock. If we are lucky, we will be able to observe and photograph a herd of wild horses on the top of a cliff or at a watering place.
Those who wish can swim in the nearby lake or visit another rock Bor-Kayu – at the request of the group. Dinner in a cafe.
Return to the White Rock, setting the camp.
Night shooting at the White Rock (if the sky is clear).

4 Day (in detail)

Wake up very early. Dawn shooting on the top of Ak-Kaya.
Breakfast .
Moving to one of the most beautiful capes – Cape Meganom.
Lunch at the cafe.
We will visit the Cape Meganom and the old lighthouse on a scale.
Transfer to the beautiful Quiet Cove and visit the famous Cape Chameleon. Sunset shooting.
Dinner on a fire in the camp.
Shooting the night sky in the bay (if the sky is clear).

5 Day (in detail)

Wake up very early and moving to shoot the dawn on the mount of Klementiev.
Breakfast at Klementyev.
Excursion on the sea boat to the ancient volcano – Kara-Dag and the famous Golden Gate.
You can swim in the sea. Travel time is approximately 2 hours.
Moving to the Novy Svet city.
Lunch at the cafe.
Visiting of the Golitsyn Trail (about 2-3 hours).
Sunset shooting on the beautiful Cape Kapchik.
Walking by the Juniper Path with the sound of cicadas and crickets to the Reserve of the Novy Svet and to its most specific point Karaul-Oba (Peak Cosmos). Setting the camp.
Dinner at the camp.
Climbing the Tavra Staircase to the peak for shooting the night sky and landscapes if the sky is clear.

6 Day (in detail)

Wake up very early and shooting of dawn at the peak of Cosmos. Visiting the Hell Labyrinth, view balconies and the Tavra Staircase in daylight. Breakfast .
Gathering camp and moving to the Royal Beach. Having a rest and swimming in the cleanest sea with a magnificent bottom. Fans of underwater photography can make beautiful shots.
Moving to Sudak city.
Visiting of the Sudak fortress – Genoese – in the evening and at sunset.
Transfer to the guest house.
After you can walk to the sea (about 10 minutes from the hotel).

7 Day (in detail)

Day 7.
Wake up, breakfast at the hotel.
Moving to Simferopol aeroport (around 14.00 )



General information


Clothes, footwear, tourist equipment

In June, the weather is changeable, during the day it can be + 35 ° C – + 7C. At this time of the year, strong winds are very frequent in the mountains and in the steppe, especially at night, sometimes it can be rainy. So it is MANDATORY to have the necessary warm, wind and moisture protection
clothes, a raincoat, and do not forget about beach accessories. Sleeping bag should be at a temperature of COMFORT (and not extreme) 0 – + 5C, so that you do not freeze.
We will cook on gas.
By prior arrangement with the guide, the following camping equipment can be rented: sleeping mats, tents and dishes for food.

It is advisable to have with you:
• Personal first aid kit

Be sure to have with you (List)

• Thermos
• Headlamp
• Mug, spoon, bowl, knife
• A small backpack (40l) for photographic equipment, warm clothes, for snacks and a thermos.
• Lightweight fleece gloves
• Storm / membrane jacket in case of strong wind
• Membrane pants
• Tourist travel pants
• Warm sweater or fleece
• Spare pair of warm socks
• Comfortable running shoes
• Flip flops (for resting feet in the camp and for the beach)
• Hygiene products, hygienic lipstick, plaster
• Sleeping bag
• Thermal underwear
• Karemat
• Rubber Seat Pad
• Bathing accessories for the beach

What photo equipment is desirable to bring with you (List)

Wide and telezum lenses
Macro lens
Trigger cable
Polarizing filter
Gradient filter
ND filters
Be sure to protect the camera from moisture (fog, rain, waves at sea), if it requires it!
2-3 batteries
2-3 flash cards with a total capacity of at least 64 GB
Optical cleaners
Photo backpack
You can take a laptop


Included in cost:

• Electric generator for charging equipment
• Tents
• Fire equipment and gas
• First Aid Kit
• boat trip
• Entrance fees and transfer to Mangup-Kale Plateau
• Entrance fees to the Reserve of the Novy Svet, Galitsyn Trail and Royal Beach
• Transfer on the whole route
• Accommodation in guest houses
• Meals on the route (not including meals in cafes): Breakfast, snack and dinner. Participants will take part in cooking.
•Master-classes for landscape and night photography workshops, as well as birdwatching. Life hacking.
•Training of processing the material obtained, as well as and night shots.


The cost does not include:

• Tickets from your city to Simferopol and back
• Dining at the cafe on the route.
• Alcohol, souvenirs and other personal expenses.


For any questions please contact:

Elena Pakhalyuk
Ambassador Olympus
– Member of the Union of Wildlife Photographers of Russia
– Member of the Russian Geographical Society (RGO)


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 ATTENTION! Depending on the unpredictable weather conditions, as well as the general decision of the group, the program of the photo tour can be changed! 


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